Sample Reports

Sample Reports

Samples of Genesis2 reports from real patients are included below. Patients names have been modified to protect their privacy. You may download, view, or print the sample reports. Complete listing of all available Genesis2 report templates and their descriptions can be viewed here.
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Carotid Duplex

Carotid artery duplex in patient with 
LT-sided stent and RT ICA stenosis.

Dialysis Fistula Assessment

Duplex assessment of a synthetic 
brachio-basilic dialysis loop.

Endoluminal Graft Duplex

Endoluminal graft assessment in a patient with a small 
Type II endoleak caused by a RT lumbar artery.

Abdominal Aneurysm Assessment

Newly diagnosed large abdominal aortic aneurysm 
with a coexisting RT CIA aneurysm.

Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex

Lower limb arterial duplex in a vasculopath 
presenting with claudication.

Lower Extermity Venous Duplex

Chronic varicose vein assessment prior to 
surgical or endovascular laser intervention.

Lower Extremity DVT Scan

DVT scan in a patient presenting with 
calf tightness and swelling.

Upper Extremity Venous Marking

LT Arm superficial venous 
marking for planning of dialysis fistula.

Lower Extremity Arterial Bypass

Surveillance scan of a FEM-POP bypass graft in 
a patient with known re-stenosis of the CFA.